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The Department of Homeland Security has a list of REAL ID Act compliant and non-compliant states, which means your license may not gain you access to the Yard without an additional form of ID. Check the DHS site for current information. A passport will always work no matter what state you are from.

Class of 1974 Reunion Gouge

Classmates, I want to share some information on our 45th homecoming and solicit input from you. In the past, we knew our football schedule well into the future so we could select a date to celebrate homecoming and secure facilities for the event 4 years ahead of time. Our new football conference, the American Athletic Conference, announces the fall conference schedule the spring prior (this is typical of almost all conferences). So this last March, the Navy schedule for this fall was finalized. It was then a race between classes to lock in hotels, tailgate spots, the better caterers etc. Some folks are still scrambling.

There are however three knowns each year: Labor-day weekend will be a home non-conference game. A late October game will be a home game that USNA will label as homecoming. Every other year we will play Air Force in early October at home.

We (your class officers) decided hold our 45th reunion the weekend of the 2019 Air Force game. Vendors will allow us to lock them in for that game and when the schedule comes out in the spring of 2019 we will all know the exact date. Television will play a major role in the date and time for this game.

I am seeking your input and comments on one aspect of the weekend. We have locked in the N room, inside Navy Marine Corps stadium for our tailgate. The feedback was very positive on the N room from our 40th. The room is also available Friday evening for another class event. If there is strong interest from the class, we could hold the “major reception” at the N room also. If not we will pursue Loew’s or another major downtown hotel. The plus side is, there is plenty of parking. The downside is you would have to drive or take a shuttle.

Actually many pros and cons---I welcome your thoughts.

John Yaeger

Polling has closed.

Click here for our 40th reunion page

What a reunion, what a turnout, what a class! Our 40th reunion is in the books. We had great weather, a great football game and I'm sure most had a truly great time reconnecting with classmates, some that we hadn't seen in decades.

Class Officers

President: John Yaeger

Vice President: Skip Stocknick

Treasurer: Earle Babcock

Secretary: Roger McEvoy




Date Opponent / Event Location Time / Result
09/01/17 at Florida Atlantic Boca Raton, Fla. W42-19
09/09/17 vs. Tulane * Annapolis, Md. W 23-21
09/23/17 vs. Cincinnati * Annapolis, Md. W 42-32
09/30/17 at Tulsa * Tulsa, Okla. W 31-21
10/07/17 vs. Air Force Annapolis, Md. W48-45
10/14/17 at Memphis * Memphis, Tenn. L 27-30
10/21/17 vs. UCF Annapolis, Md. L 21-31
11/02/17 at Temple * Temple L 26-34
11/11/17 vs. SMU * Annapolis, Md. W 43-40
11/18/17 at Notre Dame Notre Dame, Ind. L17-24
11/24/17 at Houston * Houston, Texas L 14-24
12/09/17 vs. Army West Point Lincoln Financial Field L 13-14
12/28/17 vs. Virginia Military Bowl, Annapolis, Md. W 49-7

Classmate and author Ken Dunn:- "I want to remind you that my book, "Camp Lejeune Command," is out and doing well. Although it covers the period 1992 - 1995 when I commanded an artillery battalion at Camp Lejeune, the setting is USNA and our great Class of 1974. I sent a note over to Roger McElvoy, our Class Secretary, to put the word out in Shipmate, but he may have a backlog and you won't learn about the book for a while. Folks who have read it tell me it is an 'excellent read.' I say it is high time we begin to document our times, the good and the challenging. "Camp Lejeune Command" will look good under your Christmas tree."



Heroes Lost and Now Found Vol II - Author Ron Wilson is offering complimentary copies of this book to any interested alumni. Heroes Lost and Now Found- focuses on graduates of the USNA who died during World War II. All the books are in a large 9 x 12 format (similar to a yearbook) and include numerous photographs and illustrations, as well as excerpts from historical Lucky Bags, Logs, and Tridents. Here is a link to his website, which provides more information on the series- Any interested alumni can contact him at:

Does your school let you do this?

YouTube video

Plebe Year Plus 3
By Shawn Smith '74
Reflections from 1st Class Year

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Classmates involved with non-profits
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Operation Support Our Troops (OSOT)
Dear Classmates,
In the past you have heard me talk about Operation Support Our Troops and many of you have helped out. We are now working on a big project. I have gotten and attached a brochure (or see the website) about the project to buy a van for a wounded Marine and Soldier. Our goal is to buy two vans this year and hopefully two a year in the future. The vans will be for wheel-chair bound warriors who need these full size conversion vans to accommodate a wheel chair and a wheel chair lift. The goal is to raise $100,000 a year. We are looking for individuals and corporations to step up and make donations. We are a 501(c)(3) organization for tax deduction purposes. If you can help us get the word out to your center of influence, it would be appreciated.

Steve Middleton


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